I chose Mrs. Danielle Thompson to represent me with my divorce, and custody of my children. She has given me excellent legal counsel, she listened to my situation and told me the step by step process and had kept me up to date with everything. I love her and would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking for an excellent attorney.

I came to Danielle as a very hurt grandmother who had not seen my grandchildren in 1 yr. 3 mos. It was not my first time to deal with an Atty, but this will be the Atty I turn in all my future endeavors that need legal assistance. She is dedicated to her client. She is very skilled in making every dollar spent is done so with a purpose, and she only does it if necessary. She calls me, emails, and is genuine with me. So, happiness is Danielle Thompson as your Atty, she is the best in my book! I have my grandchildren in my life again. ❤️

I raised my son for the first 9 years of his life with zero support from his father. After making a very hard decision, we decided he would live with his dad for a while due to his dad’s health issues and amount of time he might not have left. After 2 years, my son’s dad and current fiance became pregnant and I was sent to enforcement services this past December, without any warning or communication of what was needed financially. I found myself unable to procure counsel because the case was in a far away parish that zero attorneys were willing to travel to, until I found Mrs. Thompson. The amount of talent she has is phenomenal, I saw her step into, what seemed to be an impossible situation, and achieve every single aspect of what I needed financially and more time with my son. She has saved me thousands upon thousands of dollars in the long run and has given me an opportunity to have an even better relationship with my son. I will never be able to express to her how grateful I am, only by writing this review can I try to explain what a phenomenal attorney she is!! I would recommend anyone and everyone to Mrs. Thompson and all my future legal matters that are in her area will be handled by her services. I wish I could convey her extreme talent but I can not specify without revealing too many specifics, trust me, she is amazing!!! Definitely not your average attorney, she cares about you and your child completely!!

I had consultation with several lawyers having to pay $100 to $150 just to discuss my case. Not only is consultation free! But before I hired Ms. Danielle Thompson she was honest, organize, making phone calls, discovered things i didn’t know & needed for my case. Before anything I am a great Mother/Provider & unconditionally love my daughter’s but her father was granted solo custody due to me missing one court date & lies he constantly tell. That had put a strain on my daughter & I mentally, physically & emotionally. B/C of Ms. Danielle aggressiveness, concerns for a child safety/care, being smart, willing to put up a fight and not settle for anything. Ms. Danielle got me custody of my daughter back not having to go to trail also with him having a lawyer. She put my child first! Even the hearing officer was impress & had to Compliment her! I Highly! recommend her, Yes! I would hire her again and Most definitely! she’s all about the child.

Thanks! Ms. Danielle Thompson

I as a client of Danielle Thompson was a short-lived experience. But I would recommend her to anyone. Her advice as council was thorough. But most of all was her compassion and heartfelt manner knowing full-well the emotional toll that I was experiencing and giving me all she had to offer in her knowledge of the law.

I initially hired Ms Danielle and her associates to bring wrath to my child’s mother. I had brought with me a mountain of evidence supporting my vendetta. I had red in my eyes, but they calmed me down and made me realize that the best interest is for the child.



It took some time to realize what really matters in this ugly fight that my child is unfortunately a part of. I was being selfish. The mountain of evidence that I had, was just a reflection of my blind urge to prove that I am better than my child’s mother. Danielle showed me that none of that matters in the long fight for the child’s well-being. She showed me that it was my job to put the child first, and her job to make sure that my child receives the best from both parents. I am now focusing on his well being and his mother’s as well. She will be a part of his life regardless of how I feel. The result of my case? One very happy little boy. That’s really all that matters. There is no winning or losing in custody battles.

Her team are always available to answer my call when I have an issue. I would highly recommend Danielle Thompson.



Mrs. Thompson has been an absolute blessing throughout the process of my divorce. Mrs. Thompson is efficient and thorough. I highly recommend her.



If you want to WIN, hire Danielle, she helped me and continues to help me get through my divorce. Danielle knows the law and is an aggressive smart attorney. I got lucky when I picked her to be my lawyer.

In my experience with Danielle Thompson, I’ve found her to be a very aggressive and sharp attorney. In the last six months she has successfully achieved in dismissing multiple bogus motions against me, by my ex-wife. She is extremely thorough and makes sure all paperwork is accurate and any filings are worded correctly. She seems to have a good working relationship with multiple people in the court process and understands the ebb and flows of the court system. I highly recommend Danielle. Even though this has been a very trying and unhappy situation, she has done her best to continue to fight for me and my livelihood.

Danielle has been there for me and my kids. She took my calls at inconvenient hours, listened to my rants, and cared enough to get invested in my situation. I couldn’t have asked for more from a lawyer. She worked extremely hard on my case and got the result I wanted…domicile coustody of my kids. We have more to go but I’m confident in her ability to get the rest of this divorce wrapped up with good results. She is professional, brutally honest and caring, just what I needed. I highly recommend her and her firm.

I love Danielle. She is helping me get through my divorce with the future ex. Danielle is amazing. She goes through everything with a fine tooth comb. She is very conservative when it comes to saving you money. She is also very knowledgeable. Danielle explains the game plan to you so you are not guessing what is going on in your case. And finally her main concern are the kids to make sure they are where they need to be. I can only say great things about her and her firm.

Danielle is great, she cares about the children first. She was very specific, detailed and didn’t let anything go unchecked. I would absolutely hire her again if needed.

If you have unpaid debts, this is the firm to call. They have collected several past due accounts and we were very satisfied.

Mrs. Danielle is a pleasure to work with. She is thorough and professional. She takes time out of her busy schedule to answer every question and will work late to help you thru the process. I can’t say enough words of gratitude I have for her. Highly recommend her.

Danielle is on top of her game. She was always available to be reached and answered the many questions I had along the divorce process. She is dedicated, compassionate, and ready to fight for what’s best for her client. I would definitely recommend Danielle to anyone looking for a dedicated, hardworking, and overall fantastic attorney who is extremely knowledgeable!

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
What more do you need in an attorney? I have chosen Thompson and Associates on more than one occasion. Their team goes above and beyond for customer service and honesty. I felt like my cases were important. The Thompson and Associates’ team are knowledgeable too. This is important to me because I have wasted my money on different legal representation in the past that did not possess the expertise found at Thompson and Associates. By far, the personal attention my cases received is the reason why I intend to always use this firm for any and all of my legal needs.
I hired Mrs. Thompson to handle my personal injury lawsuit. She and her team worked diligently to get the settlement I deserved. She was very thorough, honest, and trustworthy. I highly recommend anyone to use Mrs. Thompson’s legal services for your personal injury claims.