Our Practice Areas

Our attorneys have successfully handled cases from complex litigation to routine legal matters.

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death & Health Care

Our team is skilled at reaching settlements involving personal injury, wrongful death, and health care issues. If you’ve suffered personal injury resulting in disability, lost wages, disfigurement or scarring, mental or emotional trauma or other negative consequences, we will strive to get you the help and compensation you need. It is important to contact an attorney quickly after an injury so that physical evidence and/or witness testimony can be obtained. You may need an attorney for health care related issues if you represent a healthcare organization or are an employee or a patient. We handle regulation compliance, company policy issues, government investigations, payment disputes, insurance issues and discrimination claims.

Family Law

Divorce and custody battles are serious emotional upheavals for everyone involved. Our team works tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your children. 

Criminal Law

We have represented clients and helped them to obtain acquittal before judges and juries in misdemeanor and felony cases. We can help get you through numerous accusations including DWIs and suspended license. 


If you’re barely staying afloat under the weight of overwhelming debt, our attorneys can lead you to freedom. Many people avoid bankruptcy due to fear, but it could be your best option and lift a huge weight off your shoulders. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss if filing for bankruptcy is a good choice for you. If so, rest assured; We’ll walk you through each step.

Real Estate Law

At The Thompson Law Office, we work directly with those involved in the real estate industry including (but not limited to) owners, contractors and subcontractors, agents, developers, insurers, and municipalities. Our attorneys handle a wide variety of issues, including real estate sales and purchasing, contract disputes, planning and zoning, permits and regulation compliance.

Workman’s Compensation

Sometimes injuries pile up over a period of time such as repetitive motion injuries. Sometimes one big injury is all it takes to keep you from doing your job. You may be out for a season or unable to perform at your former level ever again. Whatever the case may be, our attorneys will work to thoroughly understand your injuries and medical analysis. You may need temporary compensation or permanent disability status. We will prepare you for legal hearings and questionings that may be part of getting the compensation you need.

Contract Law

In both personal and buisness spheres, contracts are one of the most common legal documents. If you need help writing or enforcing one, we will make sure all the bases are covered. Our team can also go over a contract with you before you sign so that you know exactly what you’re getting into without being taken advantage of by fine-print.

Property Damage

Were you in a car accident? Has your home suffered weather damage? However your property was damaged, Thompson Law Firm, LLC is here to help. Let us help you navigate the rules, regulations and insurance challenges associated with property damage.

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